Batch PSD to JPG

Batch PSD to JPG 1.51

Turns PSD designs into the JPG image format
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1.51 (See all)
Converts the user's locally stored Photoshop design files into the popular JPG image format, which is much easier to handle. The tool includes the ability to process multiple files at the same time and the capability to resize as well as rename the output file.

Batch PSD to JPG is a free batch Photoshop PSD image to JPG image converter. A simple and handy design tool for converting your psd design or flatten multi layer psd design to JPG images with quality that you can set based on your preferences an requirements.
Features :
* Convert psd to jpg
* Add psd in one folder at once.
* Add single or multiple psd located in different folders.
* Preview window.
* Set output JPG quality.

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